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Tuesday 22 January, 2008

1:25 Batcave Diorama: Part 4 (The Cave has a home.)

Editor’s Note: The following post has been migrated over from our now defunct Batcave Blog and dates originally from January, 2008: We decided to build the diorama in this large 6ft long glass store display case. We found this case fairly affordably from a local used store fixtures supply warehouse in Pittsburgh. It came with […]

Monday 22 August, 2005

1:25 Batcave Diorama Project: Part 1

For years, I had mused about creating a full-on, Batcave diorama in my favorite scale – 1:25. It seemed like a great idea to house some of the many models I had created and also for a fun, large-scale project all its own. I had been inspired by my friend Mike Stutelberg, whose own Batcave […]